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SQL Editor for Oracle  v.3.1

Free SQL Editor for Oracle. Features - colored syntax, multi-threaded configuration, explain plan, reading DBMS_OUTPUT stream, error positioning, execution SQL and PL/SQL blocks, execution single and multiple SQL statement (scripts).

DMT SQL Editor  v.1.1

DMT SQL Editor 1.1 is an effective program which allows you to execute SQL queries and scripts development quickly and simply.It is a good choice for everyone who need edit SQL scripts with a convenient easy-to-use interface.Major Features:Support

ViSQL - The Universal SQL Editor  v.1.0

viSQL is a perl/DBI based universal SQL editor running in a shell environment. The application relies on the vi editor to manage SQL queries, query directives and query variables within a text document.

DMT SQL Editor free  v.

SQL Editor is the tool that allows you to execute SQL queries and scripts development quickly and simply.

SqlDbx  v.3.43

SqlDbx 3.43 provides you with a handy and useful Database IDE / SQL editor / SQL query tool for database and application developers. Syntax highlighting, Intellisense, Auto complete, Block select mode, Speed Typing, Schema Scripting, Schema Browser,

DBGet  v.4.1.1

DBGet will provide users with a light-weight yet powerful database Schema Browser and SQL Editor for Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server & IBM DB2 databases. Users will be able to access useful tools such as Dtabase search, Data transfer / Dictionary, Schema

BySQL - For SQL Server  v.1.0

BySQL enhances SQL database developer productivity by providing all the functionality of a database development and management tool, as well as a feature-packed SQL Editor, all within one easy-to-use

Multi MDB SQL  v.1.0

MultiMdbSql is an SQL editor and monitor that executes and displays results from multiple Access mdb files in a multiple document interface. If you maintain multiple mdb databases with similar schemas, then MultiMdbSql is a tool you need.

DBElephant SQLite Console  v.1.1

DB Elephant SQL Console is a handy tool for SQLite database management and development. Make your data management like editing, filtering, grouping or sorting clear and convenient. A handy SQL editor is included. Create and execute queries in the

SQLQuery  v.1.0

This SQL editor provides many functions, use SQLQuery as a quick SQL tool to connect to any database type.

ADO Query  v.1.6.0

This application manages any databases suppoted by Microsoft ActiveX data Objects (need to be installed). You can also import data from CSV and export to CSV and XML format. It contains following modules: -SQL Editor It contains SQL Editor with

Interbase Query  v.5.1.0

This tool allows completely manage any Interbase >5.x/Firebird database. It is based on Borland IBX components. It contains following modules: -SQL Editor 1.It contains SQL Editor with syntax highlighting with Result Buffer. You can run any type of

SqlDbx Personal Edition  v.3.26.1

SqlDbx is a fast and easy to use database SQL development IDE for database administrators and application or database developers who work in heterogeneous Database Server environments. SqlDbx built around an advanced SQL Editor and Database Object

Databrid for Mac OS  v.1.6

Database tool for Oracle and/or MySql databases that is suited to all levels of users. Databrids core functionality is based around a main set of tabs that allow access to the following areas: SQL Editor, Database Browser, File Processing,

Database Fishing Tool  v.1.0

DaFT is a frontend to any database that can be connected via ODBC. It provides list views of tables and columns, table view of data, SQL editor, CSV,HTML,SyLK,XLS data format export, and functions for copying data between two ODBC

Sqlcockpit  v.rc.1.23

Fast GUI based multilanguage database client (in perl/DBI/Tk). Supports most databases, runs on Windows / Unix / Linux. Powerfull SQL editor, view data in spreadsheets, powerfull filter tools. Form to edit/insert datasets. Highly

ProDBA  v.0.0.2

ProDBA The cross platform Oracle development/administration tool written in Java. Features a powerful SQL editor and schema navigator. Can export dynamic queries to the web.

ISeekWell  v.1.0

A full featured SQL editor supporting Syntax highlighting, automatic syntax formatting for MS SQL server and Sybase.

System Architect  v.1.0

Cross-platform System Architecting tool; ERD (logical/physical), SQL editor, and UML. MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Firebird, MS SQL, Interbase, Oracle, Sybase, etc. Linux, XP, OSX, Solaris, etc. Developed with Qt, ODBC.

Universal Database Manager  v.1.0

Universal Database Manager can be used to view, midify, delete or add database objects from a simple and intuitive interface. You can also export data. It has a nice drag-and-drop SQL editor

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